Our Flowers


We grow beautiful British flowers using organic methods free from chemicals and pesticides.We take great care to grow high quality flowers which are picked daily and made into stunning arrangements

IMG_20170711_172423_192We believe in  scented seasonal blooms from the earliest Narcissi to the summer exuberance of Sweet Peas and Roses to  an autumn of Dahlias and Gladioli.  We try to grow flowers across the whole colour spectrum for as many weeks of the season .

IMG_20171021_203436_484Our flowers are picked first thing in the morning conditioned overnight for arrangements and deliveries the following day. This ensures you have the freshest possible flowers days before an imported flower would even reach the florist giving the best possible vase life.


We can provide flowers for weddings, parties, celebration bouquets, small posies and buckets of flowers to arrange yourself.



We like to offer a personal service making your wedding flowers as unique as you, bringing your floral dreams to life. We only do one wedding at a time making sure the best flowers in the garden are picked for you. We offer a flexible service and can provide diy buckets or bespoke floral arrangements installed and delivered to your chosen venue.

Please give us a ring or drop us an email to discuss your requirements.