The Vegetable Quad

This was the only area ready to grow when we began, a large rectangle of ploughed ground . We set out a large quad for vegetable rotation of roots , brassicas, legumes and salads with 2 smaller beds towards the perimeter for annual herbs and a large 5m wide strip along the bottom for cut flowers.

We raked the soil and trampled the earth to form the paths. We sowed direct in successions of 2 and 4 weeks depending on the crop and used hazel sticks with the top split cut to write the labels.

We fed the soil with manure , chicken pellets and seaweed, although we are not registered organic we follow those principals in all areas of production in the garden.

That autumn we turf cut new beds for soft fruit and used the turf  to replace the earth paths .

During the winter of 2017 we have heavily mulched the beds with a green waste compost and are reverting to a no dig bio intensive approach to increase production on a commercial scale. We have also grown the Brassicas through mypex to minimize time spent weeding and erected a large netted enclosure to ward off the caterpillars.

This year ( 2018) we are trialing biodegradable organic roll for the onions and leeks to combat the weeds and green manures as cover crops and to add to to our compost system(see future posts to see if it works).


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