The Greenhouse


This greenhouse was a serious upgrade in size from the domestic 2m x 3m we had been using at home this one is 27m  x 4m .  This is the only greenhouse which was in working order and the owners also replaced the roof vents and side windows with perspex .

Initially we used it to protect and bring on our plant nursery stock as we were still propagating in our existing domestic one. After the  1st summer we looked to getting the greatest use out of this valuable protecting growing environment and added plant staging for propagation and raised beds for growing. The soil was basically dust and we bought in manure and top soil for the beds. The autumn winter of 2016 we used the new raised beds for growing winter salads. In January 2017 we repainted all the brick work to increase light levels and reconfigured the greenhouse creating a back border against the wall and large middle border and a small pot standing border to the front. We also added seeper hose to the back and middle border and drip irrigation for the pots at the front. This work also coincided with my parents removing an old patio so we were able to re use the concrete slabs for paths ideal for spraying and damping down in the hot summer months.

This greenhouse is now used mainly for growing in winter for salads, edible flowers including pansies , violas and primroses and an early crop of sweet peas. We also bring in pots of bulbs for early forcing. In spring we need the extra space for propagation with the plant staging bursting with newly sown trays. In summer tomatoes, chilies, aubergines, lemon grass,basil and cucumbers fill the beds. We have also planted indoor ripening figs along the back wall and some deliciously scented lemon verbena.


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