Menage to Plant nursery


When looking around the garden initially we presumed this was just a low lying area of scrub grass but after speaking to the owners we were informed it was used as a menage. Being naive to all things horsey we thought this meant the ground had been leveled with a layer of gravel and sand added. Well this was the case and although the sand had now been replaced with moss, weeds and grass underneath was 4ft of hardcore meaning our original intention of using this area for growing had to be re thought.

After using a spade to scrape away the scrub we realized there was a good surface of gravel underneath. Back came the digger to remove  the top surface (80 tonnes later) which was then used to bring up the level of the new cut flower beds.  We now have a perfect  flat area for standing out for our plant nursery.

 The next phase for this area will be the erection of poly tunnels  for  growing pot based crops such as tomatoes and chilies.

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