Entrance and Main Path

A couple of before during and after photos of the entrance and main path.

We discovered early on that the garden was a parallelogram.  Shaped so that every wall at some point during the day gets sun. At first we had presumed it was a rectangle and went to mark out the 1st bed using the greenhouse wall to measure off and couldn’t work out  why it wasn’t square. A full survey and two days of measuring later we had the accurate plan of the parallelogram of the garden. This realization made it important to realign the main entrance path so to square the middle of the garden thus meaning we could set out all the new beds square from the centre .

The existing hardcore path was moved to its new position with the help of a mini digger and old edging stones found in the garden were used to edge the entrance beds. The entrance beds are now planted with small leaved limes for pleaching Box balls, Lavender Hidcote, Euphorbias and Verbena Bonsarensis, under planted with Queen of the Night Tulips and Allium Purple sensation.

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